Speak Saturdays: The Beginning of Summer

Everyone was excited for the first three weekend this year, well at least at my job. I remember growing up getting a new outfit for Memorial Day. The BBQ grill coming out. The first unofficial family gathering because of that BBQ grill coming out. It’s amazing how in the adulthood we still get excited about this three day weekend. We might not buy new outfits but we sure enough turn all alarms off to sleep in late. We will hit up a day party because we have to be back home by 10:00 pm. Sleep is important in adulthood. We can have just as much fun at 3 o’clock in the afternoon as 11 o’clock at night. A lot of people are preparing to go float on the river this weekend (Marta I’ve never done this before, hint hint).

Me — I am preparing to go work but hey that’s what happen when you start a new part time job before a holiday. Hope everyone enjoys their three day weekend. Have fun. Make memories. Make good decision. Cook good food. And of course sleep in late on Monday.

Happy Saturday!!


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