I’m back! Did ya miss me? lol

Hey ya’ll hey! I’m back! I would like to thank the wonderful Neikeita Mitchell for holding down my spot on Saturdays. I had to buckle down and get it done this past semester but I’m off for the summer and thought I would share Sundays with my lovely cousin Alice B. If she hasn’t been introduced, she will be soon!

This past semester was a challenge but I pushed through and ended with 3B’s and 1A! I’m now officially 9 classes away from being done. At first, I was gonna make my life difficult and transfer schools (they claim to be 100% online) but I think I may hold off. A sister wants to work but she gotta get this program finished as well.

The month of May has been busy so far. I’ve gotten to celebrate my mother’s birthday (May 6th), watch her graduate with her Ed.S in Media (Instructional Technology) on May 10th; and may I say she FOUGHT for this one. God kept her mind. I’m so grateful. Then, we celebrated Mother’s Day  (May 13th) with extended family (we partied all day basically lol). Now things are settling back down and I need to find a job! (adulting is meh). My previous job kinda sorta let me go? back in February. Yeah, so ya girl can’t live on air and at this point, I feel like I’m mooching off my momma, so this calls for action!

My friend asked me to photograph her aunt’s birthday party next weekend and I agreed. I always get nervous about these things, especially since I haven’t been shooting much of anything lately. I picked up my camera for my mother’s graduation and Mother’s Day but that’s been about it. I’ve laid my camera down for close to 2 years now. I’m still trying to unpack why. I will say, depression has had a hand in it but we can’t believe the lies our minds tell us! So I’m going to try again, in baby steps.

Anywho, I hope to bring ya’ll some good content in future.

Much Love,


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