Speak Saturdays: How Bad Do You Want It?

This week I was talking to one of my friends about some frustrations they were feeling with one of their family members.  It seems as though the family member doesn’t want to better themselves.  They are fine with the status quo and have no desire to change.  As our reflect on the conversation I realized that you must be your own self motivator.  You must have goals that you want to obtain.  It is so important to surround yourself with people who are trying to reach goals and want the best out of life.

I had to ask myself this question yesterday morning:  “How bad do you want it?”.  I contemplated this question especially when that 5:15 am workout alarm went off.  I contemplated this question when three employees called in sick. I contemplated this question when the office phone rang for an hour straight.   If you are wondering I pushed through.  I made it to my workout class.  It was a rough one but I felt good about.  Of course I made it to work because I asked God for the new opportunity two years ago.

Don’t be okay with status quo.  When you are having moments of defeat ask yourself how bad do you want it?  Visualize yourself at the end goal and push through the discouragement.  Strive for the other side.  Amazing things happen once you get there.

Happy Saturday!


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