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A primate is a mammal of the order primeate with ‘prime’ meaning first in Latin. They live on several continents in tropical areas  and within their group, posses a wide range of characteristics. Below the surface of these diverse characteristics is a common theme: a persistent ability to adapt to challenging environment. It is their nature.

Is adaptability in your ‘nature’? What challenging (not unhealthy, but uncomfortable) environments have you found yourself in ? Are you in one now? How are you coping?

For what it’s worth, my most successful approach to a challenge is to be open-minded, and closed mouthed. Optimistic, while putting in work.  Occasionally consulting those you TRUST (this is key, you can’t take advice from everyone), but ultimately trusting your gut.

Regardless of the outcome of being challenged, be it success or failure, you come out better. Wisdom is the inevitable result of experience that come from having learned a thing or too. You are stronger and what scared your before your challenege doesn’t scare you anymore . Your skin is thicker, what people have to say is of less and less consequence the further you get past that challenge .

If you find yourself in a challenging and uncomfortable situation today, I encourage you to hang in there (like a primate, ha!). Like primates, we have the capacity to adapt and evolve and look at and experience life in a new and better way as time goes on. Tap into your nature. Rise.

~ Alice

AliceKeepsGoing is a budding bloggerista based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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