FFF: Snow Writing

Yo. I know that it has been a minute. Right now, I’m trying to balance packing this house to move back to Arkansas and write this dissertation. So far, I don’t feel that I’m being successful in either.

Isolation is a double-edged sword for me. But I wanted to drop this poem since I have been neglecting my duty (my apologies). This was during the time when I was in snowy West Lafayette, Indiana–when I was trying to figure out myself as everything was fading from me (as I felt).

“Snow Writing”

what a beautiful gray rose it is.

be the fading figure in the definite.
no. i can’t.

my passion to fight
keeps me alive,
living one day longer
to take one more red brick,
break the double tinted windows
of master narratives

and see the sun one more time.

i have burdens to bear
for the future to behold.

my path will soon be an old labyrinth
for others to postulate.

my time will be the new nostalgia
for others to commemorate.

so lets make it good while i can.

embrace the thoughts solitaire.
and share.

snow writing with no dwarves…

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