What’s Happening Wednesday: Pomp and Circumstance

Graduation season is upon us. My timeline is filled with cap and gown photos, graduation announcements, and proud parents. It is a time of celebration for so many people.

I cannot help but be excited for the people I know who are graduating themselves or throwing parties for their offspring. It has been a few years since I graduated from anything, but I remember the sense of accomplishment I felt, and the pride beaming from my mother’s face.

Graduation really does feel like the end of something. There will be no more term papers, (at least for a few weeks, if you plan on furthering your education), no more bells ringing in the halls, signifying the end of the day, and no more wondering if it is even possible. Because you know it is.

But graduation also symbolizes the beginning of things: the job search, the adventures of post-secondary education, new found responsibilities.

As you don your caps and gowns, or get your babies dressed for commencement, know that you (and they) are better prepared for whatever comes next. I hated high school, but as much as I hated it, it did prepare me for my beloved college years. I hated my first post-graduation job immensely, but it prepared me for the job I have now, and for that I’m grateful.

Dear Class of 2018:
In a post-fact world, we desperately need you all to stand and walk in your truth. The world is waiting for you.

As you process down the aisle to what has been your favorite song at least for the last few weeks, remember that pomp is temporary and circumstances change. When you finally have that diploma in your hands, be grateful that you made it this far and be excited about just how much further you’ll be able to go.

Smile for the cameras, hug your friends and family, then party like a rock star because you earned it. I can hardly wait to see what you guys do next. Cheering for you from afar.

Mama Radford

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