There are PARENTS and than there are individuals who are in the ROLE OF A PARENT.  A Parent is one who provides guidance to their child or children (related or not) leading them in a positive and productive direction.  A PARENT wants the best for their child(ren) and thus does all that is necessary (and at times overkill) to ensure that their offspring has EVERY opportunity to be successful.  A PARENT strives to be an example of a hard working person who reaps the benefit in the end of hard work.  In the literal sense, a PARENT is there to encourage, love, nurture, and even chastise and discipline when needed.  A PARENT does NOT give the child everything that the child wants because how will the child ever learn to appreciate the gifts when they come?  A PARENT is NOT trying to be the friend of their child.  If friendship happens, that is a wonderful result of a beautiful relationship.

An individual who is in the ROLE OF A PARENT is basically a warm body present that may or may not look like the child.  This is one who leaves the child to their own devices. The person in the Role of A Parent would probably spent more time, energy, and effort into a pet.  A pet cant’ talk back.

Being a PARENT is not something to take lightly.  It is a HUGE responsibility and you are the parent for as long as you have breath in your body.  I love my son who is a 24 year old man, but my responsibility is NOT over.  Although he is an adult, I still owe him the benefit of my wisdom and advice when asked for and SOMETIMES when not requested.

I believe that when I lay my had down to sleep each night, I have done the best that I could to make my child the best human being and contributor to our society.

Are you a PARENT?  Are you a functioning in the ROLE OF A PARENT?  Which are you?

Have a thought filled Funkadelic Friday!


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