What’s Happening Wednesday: E(art)h Day

I spent the weekend marveling at God’s creation. (And yes,I could be talking about this man of mine, and our beautiful babies… but I, for once am not.) I spent this Earth Day weekend considering the creative power of the Omnipresent and Omnipotent one, who formed the entirety of my earthly existence from nothing.

It all started with a trip to the Henry Doorly Zoo. There is nothing like experiencing nature to make you feel so small (I’m about the height of a baby elephant) and so large at the same time. (What is man that thou are mindful of him?)

I truly believe the glory of God is revealed in rhe movement of the jellyfish, in the majesty of the lion, in the colors of the butterfly garden and in chill of the penguin exhibit. The matchless mind of God cannot be contained in all of nature, but the artist reveals a little bit of himself in every work He creates.

But that wasn’t even close to the best thing about my weekend. On Sunday afternoon, I sat in a room full of middle school kids vying for scholarships in the arts. There were singers, dancers and young thespians, all looking forward to furthering their crafts. I watched as these kids fidgeted in their seats, and made up games to pass the time. I watched as parents silently prayed, and encouraged, and told their nervous kiddos to relax. (Okay, so maybe, I was one of those parents.) And it was beautiful to behold.

The couple who sponsored the scholarships took the time to introduce themselves to each kid and their parents. And really, they were the best thing about my entire weekend. They were quiet and humble, and the wife barely spoke. But through them, each of these kids was given a chance to share and enhance their gifts. I’ve never seen a better reflection of God’s glory. Because of them, there will be more artists tonorrow.

Who knew that casting calls would be a place for true worship? You know, besides the Omniscient One.

Artists make the world a more beautiful place, as proven with the first artist, who created this big beautiful world purely from His imagination. For a more modern example, check out this collaboration.

I dare you try to convince me the world isn’t a more beautiful place because of it.

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