Therapeutic Tuesday: For Ev’ry Mountain

Let’s start right here. Let’s start this day right here. Remembering. Being thankful. Relishing the power of God. Building an altar to where He’s brought us from, what He’s brought us through, and what He has delivered us into. It might not be perfect right now, but it is being perfected. It might not feel good, but that doesn’t mean that He is not good.

Cause, He. IS. GOOD.

That’s why I praise Him.

I don’t listen to “gospel” nearly as much as I used to, but these old standards just mean so much to me now. Different seasons of life always take us back to watershed moments in our lives, and many of my seasons are soundtracked by powerful music sung by voices who have lived the words that they are singing. And yeah, it makes me emotional, and it can be dangerous to seek God only with emotion, but He is the creator of emotions, so I can also experience Him in my emotions.

Now, pardon me while I try to keep from shouting right in the middle of my classroom.

Have a great day!

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