Speak Saturday: What is Your Red Sea?

I was browsing Facebook the other day and a friend of mine shared this public post by a person named Johnny Jones.  Below is what the post said:

“When I do read the Bible, I barely read from the Old Testament only because it’s kinda hard for me to understand, but something today push me to read it. I decided to read from Exodus, when God parted the Red Sea. I always look at the Red Sea as a big body of water. But it’s so much more, it’s everything that’s in front of us that’s keeping or hindering us from being free. With pharaoh and his soldiers coming behind Moses and his people to kill or even put them back in slavery, the only thing Moses did was listened to God and move forward, and God did the rest. So I’m asking the few friends I have that will read this. What’s your Red Sea?? Are you going to quit, and let the people or things that are keeping you from being free catch up to you, or you going to have faith and move forward. I know I want to see what’s on the other side of the Red Sea.”

When I read it I was immediately blown away.  I’ve look at the Red Sea as a personal testament in my own life.  We have all read the story of Moses.  And we are all fascinated about the Red Sea because it was one of those moments that showed God in his infinite power.  As I read the Facebook post I had to ask myself what is my Red Sea.  What is holding me back from reaching the next level?  What am I doing to break free and part my own Red Sea?  As I was mediating on this I realized that I am my own hindrance. I know that my own actions and thoughts cause my Red Sea.  I know one area that I am struggling with keeping consistent is my weight loss journey.  I will start the course strong and then fall off.  I’ve been in Mississippi this week and eating all my old favorite foods has renewed my commitment.  Guys, this heartburn I’ve been experiencing is no joke.  I have to move out of the way and be consistent.  I also have to realize my journey will not look like the next person.  I sure enough didn’t put this weight on overnight and it sure will not come off the same way.

Another Red Sea moment is knowing when to move or stay in my career.  Sometimes we listen to other people telling us we need to do something different. I’ve been applying for other jobs but those doors have not opened for me.  So I am taking that as the Lord telling me to be still.  I am still trying to process the closed doors but I know something better is on the way or I was protected from some foolishness that would have knocked me off my rocker.  Receiving a no is hard.  It makes you question your abilities.  It messes with your self-confidence.  I have to trust the process and know that Red Sea will part in my favor as it relates to my career.

Take a moment to read the story about the Red Sea.  Write down those things that you consider being your Red Sea. Take it to God and come up with a game plan on parting that Red Sea.  And be amazed when you finally cross the other side.

Happy Saturday!!


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