Five-Fingered Fridays: For the Graduates

Since it is that time of the year.. here it goes. this poem was written and read at a black graduate celebration at purdue university when i had a lot of hair. i was doing my cornel west style back then.


travelling to destinations
we constantly evolve our embattled souls…

soon destined to be mantled
as bachelors of promise              masters of circumstance              doctors of fate.

these titles are not  earned by being sedate
but rather eye-awake       face-to-face
to the blinding pain of the day                 and the loneliness of night

we immerse  ourselves into the traditions   of the past   of the  present
making our minds a gift
for the tower to open and mold
abstract arguments into lines of lucidity
deftly hiding the emotions within each word we write

this academic alchemy doesn’t defy mere understanding…
it produces through our sheer will and determination in the midst of all….

we are the truth tellers    human healers     didactic decoders
coming from a line of descendants       who took different journeys  in life

but their destinations              our destinations are still the same.

full of promise.
full of uncertainty.
full of darkness.

Come, we have a new world to illuminate.





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