Speak Saturday: The Cross

Are you excited about what the cross represents? Do you understand the depths of the cross? Do you truly understand the signifance of the cross? Last night I had the opportunity to attend The Seven Last Sayings of Christ. It was a diverse crowd and speakers from different denominations. It was amazing sitting and listening to the interpretation of Jesus’ last moments on the cross. I am still amazed that God loved enough to send his only son to take on my sins.

So what does the cross represent for me?



New Mercies.





Everlasting Love.

The ability to be vulnerable with some one who has unconditional love for me.

Hope everyone has a blessed Easter.

Happy Saturday.


One thought on “Speak Saturday: The Cross

  1. Neikeita,

    This blog that you wrote about the cross is powerful. I am glad that God only Son died on the cross to save me from my sins. Have a blessed Easter!!



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