What’s Happening Wednesday: The Big Gamble

I am not a gambling woman. Sure, I’ve played the lottery a few times. Heck, I’ve even set foot on the casino floor a couple of times. (I won $150.00 on the slot machines on my first trip, 17 years ago.) Chances are, though, if you see me at the boat, it’s because we are both in line at the buffet. Up until now, I’ve played it pretty safe. That ends today (well, not today, exactly, but coming very soon.)

Lest y’all feel compelled To put the backsliding Sis. Radford on your pastor’s prayer list, let me explain. I’m not taking up poker, though I play a decent hand of 5-card draw, or borrowing from bookies down at the race track.

But I have decided that it might be time for me to take a bit of risk. I’m talking about betting on myself. I heard Oprah Winfrey (as if you needed her last name) say it was the best decision she’s ever made. Her big gamble netted her a brand and a billion dollars. Beyoncé Knowles Carter (like you needed her last name) made a similar statement and got similar results. And Wesley Snipes’ character in Passenger 57 said “Always bet on black.” And i’m Black. Plus, I am pretty sure he was the hero in that movie, so I’m counting it.

Anyway, betting on yourself seems like a pretty safe bet. It’s basically believing in yourself, your dreams and then putting in the work. Unlike other games of chance, where the winner is often determined by outside variables, This gamble depends largely on you.

In the coming months, i’ll be placing a few wagers. And while i’m pretty sure they’ll pay off, i’m not quite sure what the returns will be. On second thought, go ahead and put me on the pastor’s prayer list, because I never bet against faith. Plus, I heard gambling is addictive, and not only am I willing to bet on myself, but I’m imploring you to do the same.

Your Bible says your gifts will make room for you and bring you before great men. It also says be strong and courageous.

So i’m Counting on that, like Raymond Babbitt at the black jack table.

Let’s win big!
Mama Radford

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