Therapeutic Tuesday: Passion

I was the one who mocked you and teased you.
Tied you to the whipping post
And proceeded to beat you.
I was the soldier holding the nails
Ready to pound you down,
I didn’t care about your yells,
Or your screams,
Or your pain…I couldn’t t understand your agony
Was not because of your own
But for all the love you had for me.
I committed blasphemy,
Caught up in pornography,
Addiction running rampant,
Sin was living in my body, see.
But you knew the truth of me.
And every lash I gave you was a lash You took so willingly,
Because you came so lovingly,
To accept my scorn and mockery,
Because it placed you near to me.
I was the one who denied you,
Knowing that I’d walked with you.
Knowing that we’d broken bread
And felt your hands touching my head.
Instead of finding courage,
Fear and shame became my bed,
Yet you never chastised me…
But it was also me who took the pay.
30 silvers were the price,
Figured I’d dress in something nice,
And be chilling cold as ice,
I chose my sin over your love,
Couldn’t understand it cause
I was head-deep in my death,
And sin devoured what was left.
See? It was me. Every time. Every lash, every fist,
Every time somebody spit!
It was me!
Every curse, every punch Every kick..
I even mocked you hanging next to you..
And you not so much as hissed!
What did I miss?
What I found as they laid you on the ground
And pulled you down from that cross
Sitting on that raised upper mound,
Is that all my life I’d been searching, Hurting Feeling undeserving,
Shame became my name,
And depression ruled and reigned.
But in that instant,
Yeah, I knew… For all my vile misbehavior,
I’d come in as a soldier,
Yet I’d leave finding the Savior.
It was YOU,
Taking my blows and my sin
My addictions, every wayward thought I’d ever had…
you made that decision.
It was YOu who chose the pain
Again and again,
Willing to lose your life to gain Me,
And bestow your name.
It was YOU,
Who showed love when I was so unworthy,
You cleaned me, I was dirty.
Lord, I was so dirty!
How could you love ME?
Why do you love ME?
It IS you who sees my value,
And helps me truly see,
That the void in my entire life…
The answer was right in front of me.
My passion was my sin.
Your passion was my life!
Renewed in the image of my brother, Jesus Christ.
Greater love no one has seen,
Yet it flows through my veins.
By your passion, I’m changed…
And Jesus Christ is His name.

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