Funkadelic Friday – My Big Sis

I was going through some pictures in my phone and came across this picture of my sister receiving an awesome and well deserved honor.  My older sister, Dr. Donna Gwyn Wiggins, Professor at Winston-Salem State University, received the National Governors’ Honor Award of Excellence and was recognized at graduation.  She sat on the podium and at the designated time, this tiny framed woman quietly walked up, stood with a modest smile as the college president read her bio, was draped with the medal and as quietly as she came up, she quietly returned to her seat.

There are so many woman throughout this world who are being recognized for their great contributions.   MY SISTER is more than qualified to be recognized in the company of such women.  In my FAR FROM HUMBLE opinion,  her name can set well and hold her own along side trailblazers like Marva Collins, Katherine Dunham,  Mary McLeod Bethune, Lucy Diggs Slowe,  Lisa Delpit, Patricia Brantley, and many others.

Is it obvious that I am proud of my big sister?  Good, because I AM!!!!

Have a fun Funkadelic Friday.


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