Blockers that Keep You Stuck (Part 2)

Discouragement is a major force that prohibits forward movement. Have you ever started a new exercise routine only to feel discouraged after the first month of seeing no results? Or maybe you’ve felt the sting of discouragement when three of your coworkers receive a promotion within the same month and you were overlooked. Perhaps discouragement crept in when you found yourself waking up day after day feeling unfulfilled and realizing another year has past you by.

Discouragement comes in many forms but it’s sole purpose is to stifle your efforts by causing you to focus on your surroundings. Many times, our surroundings may look bleak or reveal insufficiencies, but they do not have the final say. We can change our perspective daily by choosing to find the good in every situation, being grateful for life, and by simply doing one thing to move forward.

Many times, we allow ourselves to get discouraged because progress is slow or different from what we expected. However, any progress, is still progress. We must remind ourselves to be patient and expect God to move the way He sees fit. Ultimately, if we belong to Him, it’s His job to work it out for our good. Our job is simply to believe and not allow discouragement to step in.

At the first signs of those negative thoughts, capture them and dismiss them. Do not waste one minute meditating, rehearsing or reflecting on them. Once we do, they take root and become debilitating and we have allowed discouragement to take root.

Take a few moments and reflect on all that is right in your life. What are you most grateful and thankful for?

~Coletta Jones Patterson

Coletta is an author, life coach and business executive. Connect with Coletta at

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