What’s Happening Wednesday: Say Something

An American City is under attack. Package bombs and incendiary devices have gone off several times this week killing some and injuring others.

The entities responsible have yet to identify themselves, but I’m going to say something I haven’t heard anyone say, save the Congressional Black Caucus. This is terrorism. Your refusal to call it so, doesn’t make it any less than that.

Oh, and there was another school shooting today. I know it seems like a totally unrelated matter, but if you think school shootings aren’t terrorism, then you probably don’t have any children in public schools. My father-in-law called me yesterday to tell me to teach our children how to hit the floor when they hear gunshots. My sweet children can not distinguish between fireworks and gunshots, (yet). It’s two days after spring break and i’m Talking to my kids about active shooter drills.

Speaking of shooting drills, an unarmed black man was killed by police in his own backyard. He was brandishing his cellphone. The officers are on paid administrative leave.

And if you aren’t talking about any of these things, you may as well be the one building the bombs or pulling the trigger. Because now is exactly the time when you should be speaking up… to combat the forces of evil, to comfort your grieving community, and to challenge those in power to take direct action.

I know it’s time for the college basketball championship, but if all you have to talk about is your busted bracket, you are part of the problem.

I hated the See Something, Say Something campaign. I imagined dispatchers fielding calls from nosy neighbors reporting Jaywalkers and loiterers. But now, I get it. This week, i’ve Already seen to much, and have heard far too little decrying this harsh reality.

Your silence is deafening
Condemning. For all of US.

Mama Radford

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