Funkadelic Friday: Listening To Ones Own Advice.


“Slow down.”  “Take your time.”  Don’t rush so much.”  “If you keep running around, you are going to forget something.”  “BREATH!”

We have all either had theses phrases said to us or we have in fact said them to someone else.  Well, I can say unequivocally . . . “GUILTY!  I STAND ACCUSED!”  I know that it is hard to believe but . . .  I don’t always take my own advice.  Am I the only one who is guilty of not taking their own advice?  I feel the vibe of heads shaking in an up and down motion flowing through the universe.

My community meeting was coming up and I was so dead set on getting EVERYTHING right and ready.  Information for the community obtained? CHECK!  Handouts made? CHECK!  Sign in sheet ready? CHECK! Web page ready to launch? CHECK!  Arrived to the meeting on time? CHECK!  Bag with information in it?  NOOOooooooooooooooooo!  I left the bag at work with EVERYTHING IN IT INCLUDING MY LAPTOP!!!!  I did not take my own advice.  In my eagerness to have EVERYTHING ready, I did not take a moment to slow down, breath, focus, and review what I needed to gather.

Meeting time came and went with little fanfare, but it was obvious that things would have flowed much smoother had I possessed what I prepared.  SO!  I say to myself and others. . . let us take our own advice.  Prepare.  Slow down.  Check.  Recheck.  BREATH!

Have a fruitful Funkadelic Friday!


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