Funkadelic Friday: Longing For What Was?


There is so much happening in today’s world but . . . so little is original.  Music sampled from the work of artist who created long ago.  Stories plagiarized or “re-worked” and a modern spin put on it like make up to give the illusion of something different.  Whatever happened to CREATIVITY?  ORIGINALITY?  HONESTY?  Oh how I miss groups like Earth, Wind, and Fire. Live bands with HUMAN BEINGS PLAYING REAL INSTRUMENTS.  Performers like Minnie Ripperton whose incredible range amazed audiences with each note.  In so may ways I long for what was.  How can we rectify this lack of originality and creativity?  We had music in ALL the schools.  We had ART classes in ALL the schools.  We had story time in ALL the schools.  Bring these things back.

Take a little time to share music from your childhood with the next generation.  Let them hear what REAL instruments sound like.  Give them colored pencils and crayons and unlock creativity in their minds.  Rent an instrument from a music store so they can experiment.  Does anyone remember the “recorders for the beginning musicians?”

No more longing for what was.  Bring it back and make it NOW!!!

Have a Funkadelic Friday and a Super Saturday.


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