Speak Saturday: Lessons Learned from Wakanda – Part II

*If you have not seen Black Panther stop reading now. Don’t want to spoil it for you*

Life has happened so I haven’t had the opportunity to see the Black Panther for a third time. But don’t worry I will soon.

Today I want to talk about the strength in being submissive. The dictionary defines submissive as ready to conform to the authority or will of others. We hear a lot about submission especially as it relates to men and women. Women are taught to be submissive to the authority of men. And it in today’s society that act is met with quite some resistance because it takes away the woman’s right to be independent. Or does it?

If you continue to read the dictionary definition of submissive you will see words such as passive, docile, and unassertive. Now you are wondering what does all of this have to do with the Black Panther and the lessons I learned. Stay turned I am about to bring it all together.

The Black Panther is guarded by a group of women called the Dora Milaje, who fearless is Okoye. These women are all of that and a bag of chips (that’s so 90s, but describes them well). These ladies protect the throne, follows the leadership of their king, are praised for their strength, can offer up their opinions, and still can be submissive.

We as women are often taught that we will loose ourselves by being submissive. That we are not allowed to voice our opinion. That we are not allowed to have thoughts and ideas. And that is not true at all. A strong man will welcome all of the above and much more.

The submissive act of these women in the Black Panther movie showed me that I can still be myself…

1. My opinionated self

2. My independent self

3. My fearless self

And still submit to the authority.

Happy Saturday!!


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