Five-Fingered Fridays

Welcome to FantasticFerventFieryFocusedFuturistic Fridays.


Five Fingered Fridays.


all the vowels are covered (Blessed be the lexicographers).

we’ve reached the finish line for the work week—my favorite time.

take it a load off.

have a drink.


my name is terrance. you can call me youngblood. others do.

i go by other names in the past: natsinatra. the gray rose. 4eyedatlas.

some names are still valid.

others are dea—well, let’s say that they are neglected and in hibernation…like myself.


i have been saying this for too long.

guess I’ve have been doing this the long way around…

Mississippi   Indiana   Arkansas  Texas

and where to next,

we’ll cross it as it comes.


but to the 64K question of the day….


why start writing again?  why now?


cause life said that i needed to.

After times with   Jerry Ward

                                Candice Love

                                Michael S. Harper

C. Leigh McInnis

                               Sonya Sanchez

                               Derek Walcott

                               Khari B

i let those moments die (shame on me)

but a mute person still hears. feels. sees. reads.


cause life said that i needed to.

and i agreed


to care again  

to drink and talk and write about the things that i truly loved. love. will love.


cause life said that i needed to.

i need to find a way to stay young, blood.

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