What’s Happening Wednesday: Learning Experiences

I have been to two very different paint and sip parties in the last two weeks. I enjoyed myself at both parties… because if you invite me to a party, I’m going to find a way to have a good time… even if it’s just judging all the other party-goers in my head.

Let me start by contrasting the two parties. The first was a private party in the afternoon with the church folk. There was an entire table of finger foods, a reciting of the 23rd Psalm, and plenty of the fruit if the vine, in the form of sparkling apple cider.

The second party was a public event on a Saturday evening to celebrate my cousin’s birthday. We had two different types of pie and two different types of cake, and there may or may not have been curse words involved. The wine was a-plenty. Heck, somebody may have even brought (and drank) a pint of cognac from her own personal cognac drinking glass.


Different strokes for different folks. But a good time was had by all at both events.

Anyway, I learned a few things about myself at these two events that I don’t mind sharing.

1) I am terrible at painting. It doesn’t matter whether I loved the picture or if I’m ambivalent. Doesn’t matter if the picture is pre-sketched, or if I have to do the drawing myself. I’m terrible at it either way.

2) I do not follow directions well. Okay, if you’ve known me for any amount of time, then this is not a revelation. But nothing proves this further than when you’re in a room full of people who are given the same directions, and your results are so far from what every one else got.

3. I never know where my phone and accessories are. I lost my phone and headphones at both parties and at both parties my phone and accessories were tucked safely away in pockets. At each party I had to empty every single packet in order to find them.

4. I say inappropriate things. At the church party, I told a lady her painting looked x-rated because of the way she had positioned it. I forgot she was sitting next to her three very young (under age 16) nieces. You should keep me away from your children. (My children are used to it.)

5. I like wine. Don’t get me wrong, that sparkling cran-apple was delicious, but that moscato d’asti? Man, I could drink a bottle by myself. Of course, it’s much better when shared with friends. Churchy people, most of y’all like wine too. Y’all ain’t fooling nobody. 😆.
Happy sipping …and painting, if that’s your thing. It’s clearly not mine.

Mama Radford

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