Speak Saturday: Lessons Learned from Wakanda – Part I

*If you have not seen Black Panther stop reading now. Don’t want to spoil it for you*

So last Thursday I saw Black Panther and let me tell you the excitement that I had watching this movie cannot be explained in words. My goodness the acting, the actors, the fight scenes, and the majestic place that is Wakanda were nothing short of AMAZING.

There are so many elements and lessons that I can expound on. And let me tell I learn something new everytime I see the movie (going for a third viewing). One of the scenes that gave me chills was the interaction T’Challa has with his father during the ritual ceremony of him becoming king. He expressed raw honesty with his father about losing him and how he didn’t want to go on without him by his side. T’Chaka responded to his son with these words, “A man who has not prepared his children for his death has failed as a father.”

Why did this strike a chord with me? Because my own father has told me a similar thing. At first, I would resist the pushing my father did. Wondering why he was pushing me from the nest but as I have gotten older I understand that wasn’t his intent at all. His intent was to ensure I could survive in this world without him. He wanted to ensure I had the proper tools for adulthood and knew how to think for myself. The nest is always available for me but the nest isn’t the only place I needed to be.

I’m so thankful now he pushed me away from the nest. That he reminded me that he will not always be there. That he will support in my successes and failures. I’ve had experiences that I don’t think would not come my way if I stayed in the nest. So Matthew Ted thank you for ensuring your legacy as a great father is intact.

Now if you haven’t seen Black Panther…GO

Happy Saturday!!!

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