Serenity Sunday: Poetic Reflections


February 14th. Morning. I woke up and whispered to you, “Happy Anniversary”. You whispered back. Shortly after 5, I got up, grabbed my journal, and wrote…

I held you in the 4:00 hour,

and traced the contour of your shoulders

listening to Gerald Levert

play in my mind.

You slept softly, peacefully, perfectly,

and I knew you were a special kind.

I thought about the letter you kept and how

God heard you over time.

Your request that made it possible for me to recognize

pure love.

Your request that secured our future.

People wonder if it’s possible.

If there’s such as thing as real love.

If soul mates really exist.

If there really is only one.

If it really can be unconditional.




Instinct tells us it is possible.

Our gut reacts to the possibility

of love.

Deep down we know

love is possible.

That there simply is…


are, always have been, and

forever will be.



February 14th. Still morning. I found a card in the refigerator resting on top of gourmet cupcakes. You showered our girls with heartfelt things to make them feel special/ loved. They were all smiles and so was I as I kissed them and you goodbye and wished you all a great day.

February 14th. Afternoon. Something terrible happened in Parkland, Florida.

February 15th. I smiled at every single student I passed in the hallways at school, saying “hello” and “good morning”. “Show them loving kindness today” was what I kept telling myself. They needed it. I needed it.

My husband told me during our morning phone chat that we’re definitely going out of town for the weekend. I started backing out because I knew what the weekend consisted of: getting the kids to a birthday party, a rehearsal, hair-washing. I brought up money and other factors. I suggested an overnight trip. He gave me gentle reminders about the importance of us and the time shared between us-two. He said two nights. I knew he was right. We needed this. I smiled and commited to the romantic tryst. I thanked him for the push.

That afternoon, we had a lock down drill at school.


February 18th. Another anniversary weekend rendevous has come to an end. Full of simple pleasures– rest, relaxation, conversation, and t.v.– my man and I found serenity in 48 hours. It was the best prescription after a long work week and the big stress trigger: another school shooting.

I went from feeling heartbroken for the families in Florida to heartfilled when my husband’s weekend arrangements helped me decompress and reflect on our wonderful 9 years of marriage.

Our anchoring events were getting new tires put on my truck and seeing Black Panther. (Still processing the passionate politics of this awe-inspiring movie and I look forward to blogging about it really soon.)


My husband has shown me such loving kindness this past week– I just want to share with the world how much I adore and appreciate him. He said the only child we would have with us this weekend would be Jr. because he had to go! 😂

Thank you, Keith Sibley. I love you with all of my heart and soul. And I will run away with you anytime. #WakandaForever


Clinnesha D. Sibley is an award-winning playwright and published poet/essayist. She is the Literary Arts Instructor at Mississippi School of the Arts in Brookhaven, MS. For more information, please visit: 


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