Speak Saturday: Thoughts and Prayers

These three words have flooded social media since the recent school shooting that occurred in Flordia. While the sentiment is felt many people are fed up with the saying especially from members of Congress. Now I will not get into gun reform in this blog but I will say I understand why it is a hot topic right. The number of mass shootings has risen in the United States. And the access of which mentally ill people can access guns is alarming.

But I will caution people not to dismiss thoughts and prayers. Yes it is a thorn in your flesh when Congress members say it and there is no action behind it; but to me when we dismiss it we dismiss prayer which dismisses God.

We need to continually prayer for our country and our leaders. These are the times we need to lean on God like never before. He sees our pain. He sees our frustrations. He knows our thoughts. And he welcome our prayers in good and bad times.

So before you dismiss thoughts and prayers remembers He knows and hears both.

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