Speak Saturday: The Flu?

Well the dreaded flu hit a sister this week. Wasn’t expecting that diagnosis on Thursday morning when I woke up feeling like crap. Honestly I thought the pain I was feeling was a toothache or a kidney stone. I know totally weird. My symptoms never match what I have truly going on with my body. I still have my wisdom teeth in and I thought that facial pain was from that and the back pains I was feeling was a kidney stone. That’s what I get from self diagnosing myself through Google. I know better. And to make this all too funny I received the flu shot last year for the first time.

I told the nurse that my diagnosis should come back as a sinus infection. So such luck. Even told the doctor the same thing. He wasn’t listening either. Even told me I didn’t look so good. I thought I was cute sitting in the doctors office.

Now what have I learned about myself during this isolation period because of the FLU. I don’t like forced isolation. I am truly an ambivert. I like moments of human interactions and I like moments when I am by myself. Just not forced moments. I have one more day of isolation. Don’t want to give the people my germs. I can’t believe I am saying this but I can’t wait for Monday. Crazy people and all.

Take care of yourself. The Flu is no fun at all. And neither is wearing a mask and being isolated (before Super Bowl Sunday).

Happy Saturday.

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