Speak Saturday: The Flu?

Well the dreaded flu hit a sister this week. Wasn’t expecting that diagnosis on Thursday morning when I woke up feeling like crap. Honestly I thought the pain I was feeling was a toothache or a kidney stone. I know totally weird. My symptoms never match what I have truly going on with my body. I still have my wisdom teeth in and I thought that facial pain was from that and the back pains I was feeling was a kidney stone. That’s what I get from self diagnosing myself through Google. I know better. And to make this all too funny I received the flu shot last year for the first time.

I told the nurse that my diagnosis should come back as a sinus infection. So such luck. Even told the doctor the same thing. He wasn’t listening either. Even told me I didn’t look so good. I thought I was cute sitting in the doctors office.

Now what have I learned about myself during this isolation period because of the FLU. I don’t like forced isolation. I am truly an ambivert. I like moments of human interactions and I like moments when I am by myself. Just not forced moments. I have one more day of isolation. Don’t want to give the people my germs. I can’t believe I am saying this but I can’t wait for Monday. Crazy people and all.

Take care of yourself. The Flu is no fun at all. And neither is wearing a mask and being isolated (before Super Bowl Sunday).

Happy Saturday.

One thought on “Speak Saturday: The Flu?

  1. Ambivert. 😏 Glad you’re coming to the end of your infectious period. Don’t push yourself too hard. Lots of folks make that mistake and end up with pneumonia right after the flu, hence the name flumonia.


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