Monday’s With Marta G. – Due Justice

I don’t know how I am just now seeing this for the first time but I had to take a moment out to recognize the awesomeness of this idea. Doing a photo shoot for sick kids and dressing them up as superheroes?!?!

Yes, please!

It is encouraging when people can look past profit margins and make amazing moments like this happen for deserving kids.  While it isn’t practical that we could do this to this level for large numbers, I think I will take away from this a personal challenge to figure out how to celebrate those who are sometimes overlooked or neglected because of their life circumstances.  What can I do to help another human being feel loved, appreciated, super even in the every day muck of it all?

I will also admit that I am a little sad another Marvel head didn’t do this first but any way you look at it, this project is inspired and amazing. In fact, it’s kicking off all kinds of ideas in my head. Please take a few minutes to go read the article and show this photographer (and these precious kids) some love. ❤️

Marta C. Youngblood is a writer, education and social entrepreneur based in Lubbock, Texas. For more information on her current projects visit

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