Speak Saturday: Care for Others

Today my posting will be short and sweet. My job places me in the front line to speak to caregivers on a daily basis. Often time I am just answering questions they have and moving on to the next person. You truly don’t have time to ask the caregiver how they are doing? Are they taking care of themselves? Are you ensuring that you have a life outside of care giving?

My challenge today to you is to take time to love on someone who is a caregiver. They are often looked over. Not intentionally but it does happen. Being the all for someone can be a daunting task at times. You have NO idea how a call, text, or even lunch can do the lift someone spirits.

Take time to show some love today.


2 thoughts on “Speak Saturday: Care for Others

  1. It is so true. Unless someone has walked in those shoes, they can never TRULY understand the pressure one feels. Also, once the one you are caring for passes, there are SO MANY questions that run through your head of “could I have done something more.”


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