Transformative Thursdays: When Faith Seems to Be Dead

Faith isn’t always getting the answer the way you think it should happen but releasing your will and expectations to God and allowing Him to work it out according to His perfect plan.  For example, it takes greater faith for someone who has a life threatening illness to release their will to allowing God to answer the way He sees fit.


It’s easy to say I have faith when God answers exactly the way we anticipate or want but when the answer is delayed, not what we expect or even a “no”, will we still have faith?  Do we totally trust that God knows what’s best and He’s working every detail out towards our good?  Do we trust His will is perfect and really believe He needs no help from us?  Do we rely on His Word to guide us and not our fleshly desires?


Faith is like a muscle and must be exercised to grow and gain strength.  Are you using your faith to believe for the impossible or are you content to do what you have always done?  Are you ready for more?  Are you frustrated with where you are?  It’s time to exercise your faith muscle and get a clearer picture of where you want to be.  Take that first step today to trust that God’s got this and you can enjoy the ride.


Coletta is an author, life coach, business executive and weekly blogger.  Connect with Coletta at

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