What’s Happening Wednesday: Nope, Not Today

Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these thing shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33.

Every morning, I get up and read this verse in an effort to focus for the day. And every night before I go to bed, I think about all the ways I failed to do it.

Every morning, I say a prayer of thanksgiving. I ask for protection and blessings for my family and friends. I pray that I am productive and sensitive to the spirit’s prompting…and generally by 6:15, I have dropped the ball.

Every morning, I start off hopeful, and prayerful, and full of expectation. By the time I settle into my routine, I have tossed those things aside.

What is it about the mundane that overshadows the divine? How Is it that the tiniest of tasks fill the entire 24 hours, leaving no room for appreciation of the Creator of time?

I don’t have an answer, but I know it to be true. I can pull up in my driveway thinking, I need to pray before I get out of this car, and the next thing I know, i’m hanging my keys in their designated spot, and fixing snacks.

Time gets away from me. Opportunities escape me.
I disappoint myself.
Every. Single. Day.

I’d tell you that today is going to be different. I’d tell you that today, I will pray and serve, and be a blessing to everyone within arms reach,but I am not in the habit of lying to myself, or to other people.

Nope, It’s not happening today. Maybe not any day.

I will start the day as hopeful, and prayerful, and as faithful as any other day, and before I go to sleep, I will have had just as many failures…but tonight, i’m Not going to number them before I go to sleep. Instead, I plan to count things I did right; the early morning devotion, the wonder of pondering infinity, and almost getting to Bible study on time.

There is no hope in rehashing my trials for the day. Tomorrow is another day, and it will have enough trouble of it’s own.

Mama Radford

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