Money Talk Tuesday: God’s Plan

This week the idea is to work smart not hard to build wealth but I was recently reading an article on biblical principles of money handling. (CDF Capital)  I have also been speaking with my uncle about a business venture I am considering by mid year outside of the other efforts I have listed in previous blogs.  Being from a deeply religious family, both my aunt and uncles frequently encourage me to seek counsel in the scripture.

I think the above sited article is very detailed and I will not spend time rehashing all 20 principles but the one that my uncle also sites frequently is Money Principle #13:  Grow what you are given.  This principle sites a parable in Matthew 25:14-30 that centers on a Master, his three servants, and distributions of talents (money).  In short, based on their level of skill he divides his wealth amongst them and then travels to other lands.  One servant being given five talents that he almost immediately set to work to double.  The second he gave two talents that he also worked and increased.  The final servant he gave a single talent to went and buried his money in a hole and awaited the Master’s return to ensure he would give him back his possession.

When the master returns he rewards the first two and banishes or condemns the final servant who when faced with his master’s anger criticizes his master as an evil person that wanted to collect his crop without planting a seed or basically profit without the work.

The metaphorical reference is the the master is God and we are one of the three servants entrusted with his wealth (gifts).  What are we doing with His talents?  As I cited earlier, most of the American population (78%) live paycheck to paycheck unable to invest and just “getting by”.  This is not according to God’s plan nor in accordance to His word to multiply His blessings.  Then to become angry with God for blessing us (in our fleshly opinion) with so little when we “bury” our wealth in credit card debt, material possessions, and in savings that earn very little in fear of “losing it all”.

Our Christian stewardship relies on multiplying His blessings and giving testimony to His hand in our life through philanthropic acts in His name.  What are we doing to move our money forward and increase our talents?  How are we living in contradiction and “burying” the talents we were blessed with?

My mid year revelation in 2017 that resulted in a Vision Board in 2018 along with self accountability and introspection was that I was relying too much on my career to support my daughter and I.  This has been despite the physical demands of the job and history of personal health challenges.  Realizing these truths about my current life circumstances has started me on a journey of creating multiple streams of income and laying foundation for some of those streams that take time and due diligence to create.  Though some of them have been a large sacrifice to my initial plans I am already beginning to see the rewards in investing in long term wealth building rather than burying it in instant gratification.  I encourage anyone reading this to consider which faithful servant you are and what sort of stewardship we are practicing with the talents we have been entrusted with.


~LaTisha Carbonell, RN, BSN


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