Monday’s With Marta G: The New Black Entertainment Television

So about Black Lightening…the newest comic book delight to debut on The CW is one that I have looked forward to for months! You can always count on DC to showcase the deeper, more vulnerable side of the superhero experience. This show is no exception. I do think they need to work on the pacing a little bit but the dynamic between the two sisters and the heat between Black Lightening and his Ex…whoa, Mama!

It would be awesome if the BL show runner could pow wow with the show runner for Luke Cage. (Magic moment!)

I also need either Netflix or Hulu to grab this up because that CW mobile app lags like nobody’s business when you screen mirror on AppleTV. Either that or let’s see a strong CW app up on AppleTV soon please. There are very few things worse than trying to watch a well choreographed fight scene with a bunch of lagging.

I am very excited to see where they go with this story. And yo, that scene when he gets pulled over by the cops in episode one, you gon’ feel that for a few minutes after.

The last couple of years have seen a rise in the development and commercial success of several comic book based television shows and movies featuring main protagonists with African roots.

I seriously can’t get enough of Luke Cage. From his re-emergence in Jessica Jones to his debut in the self-titled spin-off to the team ups in Iron Fist and The Defenders…I 👏🏿 am 👏🏿 here 👏🏿 for 👏🏿 ALL 👏🏿 of 👏🏿 this!!!!!!!

But wait, that’s not all. Because coming to you live in 24 days is the long awaited, much anticipated BLACK PANTHER movie!!!!

America, y’all just need to let us be great that weekend because you’re going to be witness to some extremely emotional, ridiculously happy black people pouring into theaters to see this film. I already know I’m going to watch it at least three times during opening weekend. It’s just a given. I mean, have you SEEN this cast?!?! (Swoon)

We are even seeing a rise in indie films and shows in the science fiction/fantasy world. Keloid is one I stumbled upon over the Thanksgiving holiday quite by accident that has an interesting premise. The team is in the process of raising funds for season two right now.

I’m also very excited that Netflix has just ordered episodes of a new story making the leap from comic book to small screen called Raising Dion. The mother-son dynamic in this one is going to be powerful if the previews are representative of what is coming in the full series.

We have come a very long way from the days of only seeing an occasional appearance of a comic book character of African descent grace the sci-fi/fantasy motion picture screen. We put a lot on the backs of supporting characters like Storm of the X-Men

and LaForge, Uhura and Worf of the Star Trek: The Next Generation franchise.

It is important to note that Commander Benjamin Sisco did happen well ahead of the entertainment trend (thank you, Star Trek again!).

So it should have come as no surprise that Star Trek would lead yet again with a first in the character of Michael Burnham who is giving me ALL MY LIFE in this new Star Trek Discovery series.

It is indeed a good time to be a BLERD! Try saying that in Klingon, will ya?

Marta C. Youngblood is a writer, education and social entrepreneur based in Lubbock, Texas. For more information on her current projects visit

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