Speak Saturday: Quiet Time

Do you take your quiet time seriously? Do you unplug from the world? Do you take time away from social media and family? Have you had moments where you are with your own thoughts? Are you able to write out your goals or even your frustrations in peace?

I’ve realized that I don’t give myself enough quiet time. I need to take moments to unplug from the world. We live in a society where we are consistently on the go and a slave to the notification light on our phones (mine is blue).

Quiet time allows us to connect with God and be in space to gain true clarity. We have to become diligent about our quiet time. It truly sets the foundation on how our day will go. How we will interact with others. How we will make decisions.

So crave your quiet time. You have no idea how it makes your interactions with go others smoothly without the day.

Happy Saturday. Hope my words speak to you today.


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