Money Talk Tuesday: Know Thy Worth

“Your crown has been bought and paid for.  Put it on your head and wear it.” 

                                                                                                                  -Dr. Maya Angelou

It doesn’t matter if you are an investor, a nurse, a writer, or a clown in the circus.  You have a product to sell.  You have a brand to market.  That product is you.  Your brand is what people recognize you for and will remember you by.  I am not a person of labels and for years have been intentionally ambiguous on my dreams, desires, and interest.  It was a form of self defense.  If people didn’t know what I was really after they couldn’t critique me along my journey.  It is my journey right?

Wrong.  Part of what I’ve learned entering the wonderful world of network marketing is that it DOES matter what people think of you and the image you are projecting to the world.  That is not to say you have to be of the world.  If the room doesn’t like me I’ll be just fine.  As long as I am making The Creator happy and acting in love always I’ll make it.  However, in money, in business, the rules change.

I conducted an experiment of my own the other night, making good use of my social media exposure and posted a request for people to post a GIF file that reminds my friends and family of me.  Interestingly, the first few made no mention that I am a nurse despite the fact I literally have posted the banner “I am a Nurse” and did a whole series on the Write Addiction about my profession.  Out of my many friends only one friend from high school who I partook in writing fan fiction with for a couple of years posted a GIF of Kermit fervently typing at a type writer.  It took over 24 hours for someone to post a GIF of me nursing and it was a little snarky as if I wait on the clock to throw off the shroud of nursing and be normal.  Alas, despite soliciting people, holding 3 way phone calls about my business, and recently blasting my logo all over everything, not one person posted travel.  But hey, no one posted about my passion for a Ketogenic Lifestyle so I can’t blame them.  I have to be more conscious of my brand and my product.

I have been a nurse for 9 years and some months.  Five of those years I spent on a Med-Surg Oncology floor trying to follow my dreams of becoming a Physician Assistant of Oncology.  However, when my mother reached stage 5 in her chronic kidney disease I decided to come out of unemployment (full time student for my BSN) and pursue in center Hemodialysis.  That was in March of 2013.  In that time I have been a Clinic Nurse, an Acute/Hospital Nurse, a Charge Nurse to a very busy clinic, and I am awaiting word if I will now step into the role of Clinic Manager.  I don’t take nursing lightly and I have very personal investment in my career as I have a strong family history of kidney disease and only one kidney.  It hurt my heart a little that someone(whom I’ve never been on a time clock with) would think for one minute I am ever NOT a nurse.  I worked hard for my degrees and I am aggressive in my goals.  If anything, those closest to me know, I don’t know how to separate Tish, RN, BSN from the job.  It is one of the reasons I have slowed down in writing over the last decade.  I have, thus far, only found time to pursue one wholeheartedly.  Nursing pays the bills and is something I can do for only so long without it taking its toll on my body.  Hopefully, writing will still be waiting.

I have been an independent travel agent in my spare time (whatever that is) since July and admittedly, I was quiet about it.  The reason was, like my cousin, I used to travel all the time on a whim.  I used to do it affordably.  Two things happened.  As I became a more seasoned nurse I find it harder to get away for anything more than a weekend.  That doesn’t leave much time to enjoy the sites, see family, and take pictures.

The second thing that happened is I became a single mother.  This has really been since birth but only in the last year have I truly embraced this role.  It doesn’t allow me much time to myself and traveling to the store is an adventure, much less out of town while potty training.

But I’m a warrior.  I don’t give up easy and I shan’t in this endeavor either.  I am a nurse.  You can verify it in the Florida Health Department database.  Come July of this year I will be part of the compact and licensed to practice in 32 states.  I am also a travel agent.  You can find me in CLIA( Cruise Line International Association).  La Dahlia Travel will be embedded in my followers memory banks this time next year as I create new ways to promote myself.  Finally, I’m a writer, even if I take a long hiatus from putting word to paper…or to screen in this case.  I am always writing in my head.

What is your brand?  What does your image say about you?  Your wallet very well depends on it.


-LaTisha Carbonell, RN, BSN

Owner of La Dahlia Travel


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