Transformative Thursdays: How Bad Do You Want It?

Recently, my daughter brought home a brochure about a summer camp.  We asked her if she really wanted to go because we hadn’t budgeted for it.  We told her if she wanted to go she could pray about it and believe God would make a way for her to attend.  But if it was something she didn’t really care about, she should forget about it and not worry about pursuing it.


It’s the same way with us.  There are some things that we really want and we should fight for and trust God to make it happen.  There are other things that we don’t really want because we are not willing to put in the work in order to make it happen.  Nor are we willing to put the action required when God reveals how to get it.


Going after something that seems impossible or beyond our reach requires faith and trust in God.  It can be an interesting journey because many times we are only given one step at a time and that first step is the most difficult.  Once that step is completed, we receive more instruction.  We must rely on our hope that we can have what we really want if we believe it can happen and are obedient to the Lord.  Walking by faith and not by sight is not always pleasant and will certainly require sacrifice.  However, if we don’t give up, we will win.  Faith that is active and obedient always wins!


Take a moment and think about what you really want. Is it worth you believing for it and going after it?  If it is, then don’t give up!  Develop your faith and you will win!


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