THAT IS MY BACKYARD.  Some of you are probably saying, “AND!?”  Well, I live in SAVANNAH, GEORGIA.  There is SNOW in my yard.  The last time it snowed like this was in 1989. We had a “dusting” in 2010 but NOTHING like this.  2018 is coming in like a LION so are we prepared for what is about to come?

When the weather report said that we would get snow, many people brushed it off as just another person looking at the South and focusing on Atlanta as usual.  NOPE!  NOT THIS TIME.  It REALLY HAPPENED this time.  Now, I have seen snow before, but to see young people in their twenties EXCITED and making snow men like two year olds WAS PRICELESS TO WITNESS!!!

Unfortunately, my city is not equipped to handle snow and there were  many accidents. There was even a train derailment (no injuries, thank God!).  The city shut down and ALL were asked to stay off the roads.  Today we are waking to freezing cold and ice remains on the road but it is manageable.

Is this a sign of what is to come in 2018? Should we all try to prepare for the UNEXPECTED?  How can we do that?  All I can say is “the best way we can.”  So, again, to those who are use to this and consider this nothing, don’t laugh at we Southerners too hard.  Remember, THE REST OF THE WORLD IS AFFECTED BY WHAT HAPPENS IN THE SOUTH, i. e. NATIONAL to INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL.



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