Transformative Thursdays: Who in the World Are You?


In Mark Chapter 4, the parable of the Sower reveals various types of people—the one who does nothing, the one who has good intentions but eventually gives up, the one who does something but eventually is distracted or enticed by other things and stops prematurely, and the one who accomplishes the mission with varying levels of success.  What’s interesting is all 4 of these people received the same information or were given a seed.  We can assume they all had similar environments or circumstances as it doesn’t say differently.  We can assume they all had the same access to resources or opportunities.  The only difference is they had different responses or actions.


What type of person are you?  Since it is January and the start of a new year, we are typically more in tune with setting goals and working to accomplish them.  However, over the next few weeks, it will become very clear what type of person emerges.  Are we one to do nothing because we have become so comfortable with doing nothing and are overwhelmed with where to begin?  Are we one to become too distracted with other things and lose focus on our goals?  Are we one to become overwhelmed with the cares of life (which all eventually become excuses) to do anything? Are we one to do something—to dive right in the cold, choppy waters of the unknown and go for it?


Next time you are tempted to give up, never get started, or merely complain, just go for it!  Remember you have the same seed given by the Sower and He’s waiting on you to use it.  That’s where you’ll be fulfilled, successful and happy.

~Coletta Jones Patterson

Coletta is an author, life coach, business executive and weekly blogger.  Connect with Coletta at

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