Say What?!? Saturday: The New Year

So we are on the cusp of the New Year. I’ve seen an increased amount of posts pertaining to who we aren’t going to take into the new year, exercising, posts about not posting about new years etc. It’s been a mixed bag.

Yearly it seems that I make resolutions and then forget about them. I can honestly sit here and say I have NO CLUE what I resolved at the beginning of 2017 but I can reflect a little. I guess the major change in 2017 was learning to stand up for myself and not selling my contributions short. These lessons were learned through change in my employment and school. What I learned is that God got it!

So I’m wishing that 2018 is filled with love, self care, adventure, money (lol), family and friends. I pray we all continue to find our way in this world.



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