Mellow Mondays: Merry Christmas

This is the second time in all my life that I will not be with my family for Christmas.  Work calls and giving the drive time to the house it was easier to stay put.  Now I’ve been a funk for most of the month.  I can’t really pinpoint why but I knew that I had to get out of it because it started to affect every area of my life.

God has a truly unique way of showing me my life can be worse by placing me in the path of people who need encouragement from me.  These moments pulls me back center and allow me to focus on someone other than myself.  I am grateful that these moments happen because my “bah humbug” spirit goes away.

So to everyone away from home for Christmas today, for those who have to work, for those who just recently lost someone, or for those that are just feeling blah my prayer is that you find excitement in today and the days to come.  I pray that you feel loved and those close to you have shown you that love.  I pray that the memories of happier days warm your heart and new memories are created.  Enjoy the true meaning of this holiday…new life and new mercies.

Hope everyone a safe, enjoyable, unforgettable, and Merry Christmas!!!!

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