Say What?!? Saturday: Musings

Heeey everybody!


I have recently gotten back on my Audible grind. The first book downloaded and consumed was “The Last Black Unicorn” by Tiffany Haddish. While it may not be the most well written book, her life has been very interesting and she truly deserves all the goodness in store for her. The second book I’m listening to is Jenifer Lewis’  “The Mother of Black Hollywood”. This book is….fabulous. It’s heartfelt, vulnerable, self aware, eye opening, funny and many many mannnny more adjectives. You won’t be disappointed. Please get the audio version, only Jenifer can do Jenifer.

Christmas Party:

Tomorrow is the Christmas party for my step dad’s family. I rarely attend due to traveling but this year they are having it a week earlier. They rented a venue two doors down from my job and it’s nice but they didn’t get the catering *side eye* They are a potlucking family lol I got drafted for a pan of dressing! My step dad wanted Mac n cheese as well but I’ll just make one for the house. I’m tired. lol

Health Insurance:

So in 15 minutes, the deadline for enrolling will have passed. I’m oddly ok with that. I didn’t qualify for a subsidy and the premiums are ridiculously expensive. I’m actually happy to embark on a more naturalistic journey with my health. I almost let this steal my Christmas spirit. I won’t lie, I cried uncontrollably for awhile. I think it’s my PMS combined with fear. BUT God has not given us a spirit of fear. All will be well. This too shall pass. I completed decorating my Christmas tree and have a little pep back in my step.


I’m really enjoying my break. I’ve watched more Hallmark Christmas movies than I thought possible. I got an unexpected extended break due to some snow here. Which is very unusual. I grabbed my professional camera, which I haven’t touched in quite some time and walked around the neighborhood. It felt good.


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