Transformative Thursdays: Living With No Regrets

Have you ever felt regret—wished you had done something that you didn’t or wished you could change the past?  Have you ever missed an opportunity? Have you ever waited too long and missed out?  Have you ever taken a new job too quickly only to realize it wasn’t all you hoped it would be?  Have you ever made an incorrect assumption that later came back to haunt you?  Have you wandered around the same mountain or cycle for years because you were afraid to jump?
Regret is never a good feeling.  However, living in the moment without fear is a beautiful thing.  What could you be doing now if you were not afraid?  Where could you be if you didn’t have hesitations?  What business could you be building if you were more courageous?  How many people could you have a positive impact on if you weren’t afraid to share your story?  The list goes on of all the things we could be doing if we live fearlessly in the moment.
I believe God expects a return on our lives.  He expects us to do our best, be our best, reach for the sky, live a life without limits and certainly one without regrets.  What does that kind of life look like for you?  What are you settling for instead of reaching for?  If there are things in your life you don’t like, you can change them.  Decide today to do one thing that gets you closer to a life with no regrets.  Your life can be as amazing as you want (and work for) it to be!

~Coletta Jones Patterson


Coletta is an author, life coach,

business executive and weekly blogger.  Connect with Coletta at

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