What’s Happening Wednesday: The Tide Has Turned

My youngest child didn’t take a nap yesterday. On days she doesn’t take a nap, she is particularly cranky. She cries because her foot itches. She cries when I scratch it. She cries because the TV is too loud. She cries because I move to turn the volume down. She is no fun, until she passes out, usually right around dinner time, which is exactly what happened last night.

When the baby falls asleep at dinner time, she usually wakes up right at bedtime, demanding to be cradled until she falls back to sleep. Since ot’s Bed time, I usually indulge her. I then fall asleep with her on my chest. Again, exactly what happened last night. (Yes, I know that this practice spoils children, but why should this last one be different from the other two.)

Anyway, baby number three woke up particularly early last night from her dinner time nap, and as usual she was demanding to be cuddled, so I obliged. The problem was that I, per our usual “ no nap” routine, dozed off too, neglecting my responsibilities, but also apparently missing out on history.

Apparently while I was sleeping, the state of Alabama elected Doug Jones to be senator. I have to tell you I was shocked. Unlike many people, I was not at all surprised by Trump’s victory. I didn’t stay up that night either, but for a different reason. I had seen the handwriting on the wall for Trump’s victory. I had woken up just in time to hear his victory speech. Then I went back to sleep.

But this Alabama race caught me completely off guard. I was completely expecting judge Roy Moore to be elected to that senate seat, not because he was the better candidate, but because he was getting all the press. Jones’ name was just an aside in nearly every story in the national news stories.

But I forgot one thing. This wasn’t a national election. It was a local election with national implications. Local politics are not nearly as influenced by the news networks. The sensationalism of national news stories is rarely justifiable on local stations.

I do not know how the elections were covered in Alabama. What I do know is that Alabamans across the state elected a Jones to represent them, and I hope he does it well.

The statisticians will be having a ball with this one. I’ve already seen several articles thanking black voters, black women in particular for Jones’ win. There will be talk of a crumbling RNC, and the president’s role in this election.

But all of that is just commentary. The gist of the matter is that the American political system is both literally and figuratively all over the map. Neither party seems to have a handle on what’s going on in the world, or in their own states. Perhaps, a new wave of political strategies and strategists will emerge as we approach the 2018 election cycle. Maybe the tide has turned. Maybe not. But either way, Roll, Tide.

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