Therapeutic Tuesday: Is the Safe Place Really Safe?

I honestly had nothing to blog about until a question hit my head just now. Is there really such a thing as a safe place? if there is, should we want to go there? Follow my thinking:

For most, the safe place represents the area where we are not at risk for exposure of danger. But the safe place can also be a place where we become fat, happy, and complacent.

Which one coincides most with the faith that we are called to have in Christ Jesus? I know that God is our safe place, but yet even HE never tells us to get fat and happy. Rather, Jesus told His disciples to go into all of the world. He never said it would be safe. he just said that He would be with them. And us. So which are we doing? Are we relying on our church buildings to take the risks for us? Are we growing fat and happy in the pews of churches while the wilderness outside of the building is calling out to us for help?

Would we rather be safe or would we rather be sent? That looks different for each one of us. And I’m asking myself this question as well. There are some things that i want to do differently next year that involve stretching and developing some dormant things within me.

I’m really close to deciding that I don’t want to just be safe. SAfe is boring. I want to live. I want to be sent.

What about you?

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