never satisfied

As I grow older, I find myself analyzing things much closer than ever.  The one thought that is constantly before me is that “HUMANS ARE NEVER SATISFIED!”  Now before you start tripping and saying that “HUMANS SHOULD NEVER BE SATISFIED BECAUSE THEY WILL BECOME LAZY AND DIE,” let me clarify my thought.    If you truly pay attention, the more many humans achieve or receive, the more many humans want, thus, never being satisfied.  We live in a ‘I want more’ society.

There are many African folk tales that speak to the issues of never being satisfied.  How many people remember Anansi, The Spider?  Yep, I see those hands.  What about the fox and the bunch of grapes?  Un-huh.  I see you too.  Why is it that when we work so hard to get somewhere in life and once we get there, we don’t want to be there?

WHERE AM I GOING WITH THIS?  We must know how to be content no matter the circumstance.  It is human nature, or it should be human nature, to strive for better and yet we can be CONTENT in the midst of where we are.  I know someone who was MISERABLE in his previous occupation.  The opportunity presented itself for a better employment situation.  It would not be as monotonous as the previous job and would appear to be easier, but we ALL KNOW that we, as fickle humans, will find SOMETHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT.  He still complains.  The job pays more money but the environment is a little uncomfortable.  The tasks of the job do not require much at all, but the paperwork has to be completed thoroughly.  “BUT YOU SAID THAT IF YOU GOT THIS JOB, YOU WOULD BE THE HAPPIEST PERSON IN THE WORLD.”  First of all, I have NEVER met the happiest person in the world because I have never met everyone in the world.  Second, happiness is determine by EXTERNAL FORCES.  JOY and CONTENTMENT are determined by INTERNAL forces.  Sure I can get a job making more money but will I be content with what I am required to do to earn that income?  Will I be in a position where I can positively impact the lives of others?  Will I feel at the end of the work day that I changed a life for the better?  When I rise to go to my place of employment, will I feel that ‘COME WHAT MAY, I will be content.’  I have a job that provides me with the means to obtain some necessities of life.  Should you find a position of employment where you are content, you are blessed.  Should you find a position of employment where you make more money and have better hours and STILL COMPLAIN . . . well, what more can be said?  My prayer is to be CONTENT in ALL THINGS.  One would hope that this would come with age but NOT ALWAYS.   SELF EXAMINATION??????


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