Mellow Mondays: Seriously

So today I am kinda in a rant type of mode.  Woke up with a headache this morning with a headache and that is a start of a bad day for me.  Monday is payroll day for me and we have to prep payroll for 115 people (and my boss is adding more people to our team as I type this blog).  We have until noon to get it done and on a good day I can submit the files by 1:00 pm (amen for grace and relationship capital).

Well today one of my co-workers makes the statement “I don’t like serious Monday Neikeita”.  Now I had to concentrate really hard and not give the side eye.  I was confused.  I am responsible for ensuring the pay for 115 people is correct.  Why wouldn’t I concentrate on what I am doing.  People’s paycheck are their lively hood. So why would I carry on multiple conversations, have water fountain updates, or laugh the whole time.  Because the moment someone check is wrong no grace will be offered to Neikeita because she was having a jolly ole time at work.

This rant was probably not necessary but seriously…who says things like that.

Happy Monday


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