Say What!?! Saturday: Thanksgiving aka Harvest Day

Hey everyone! I hope you survived your food coma and are having leftovers for breakfast!

This thanksgiving season has been interesting. My best friends mother passed away last weekend, so this week has been about supporting her in any way that I can. I went to the wake yesterday and its always a strange experience viewing the body. It is but a shell and they never look like their former alive selves. I wont be able to attend the funeral today because of work but Im going by afterwards. I feel some way about missing it but she has a lot of other support.

Otherwise, thanksgiving (harvest day) was good. Ok, so I keep interjecting harvest day to see if I like it better. Background: After each slaughter, the colonizers would have a thanksgiving for that massacre so there were MULTIPLE thanksgivings, soooooo Im good on that word and its connotations so Im trying to shift my mind.

Anywho, on Wednesday I cooked the dressing and mac n cheese, Chris & Mom picked up the smoked Turkey and we all headed to my Aunts house far far away lol Some would say it’s only 45min away but going from south allllllllll the way north gets a bit much after 30min lol but the day was great. I got to see my cousins, spades and taboo were played. Just a good time all around. Oh my cousin, once again explained Snapchat to me and I think I got it! Im now addicted to the filters lol

Now Im debating on when to pull out the Christmas tree. Im headed to work today but maybe tomorrow? I know some wait until Dec 1st. What do you think? When do you start decorating for Christmas?

~ Ruth

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