When I see a metal colander, I remember how my son would run around the living room around the age of 4 or 5, wooden spoon in hand, grinning from ear to ear, TOTALLY content.  He was my ‘Captain Colander.’ Thanks for the memories.

When I see an Argentine blue and white stripped soccer jersey, I remember how my son was a guess player for a soccer tournament in Atlanta.  Many of the players on the team spoke Spanish.  His name is Arman but they dubbed him ‘Armando‘ after he made a dramatic goal. My son was ECSTATIC.  Thanks for the memories.

When I drive across the bridge between Savannah, Georgia and South Carolina, I remember how my father and I would walk 1/2 a mile down to the back river to fish.  We would see otters playing, crabs crawling everywhere and my father catching some of the biggest Japanese carp that I had EVER seen. Thanks for the memories.

When I see a white chevy venture van, I remember my mother, who was in the beginning stages of dementia, going through my purse.  I asked “Mom. what are you looking for?”  Mom said, “I don’t know but I will know when I find it.”  Thanks for the memories.

I have discovered that as I age, it is becoming a little more difficult to remember things.  Yes, I make notes but that only works if you remember where you put the note.  SO . . . in the spirit of the season of Thanksgiving, I am thankful when I can remember things.  Thanks for the memories.


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