Mellow Mondays: The Sweetest Thing

I know when you first see the title you think of Lauryn Hill song but I am not going to talk about the song today or maybe I am in a roundabout way.  So I have a part time job and I typically open my store on Saturday morning to give the weekday crew an opportunity to sleep in.

Every Saturday morning I see this older couple walking in the mall.  They look to be around 65 years old.  The wife is always impeccably dress.  Her husband leans on her for support.  And they usually get a good thirty minute walk in.  That image I see reminded of a few things.

  1. Movement is important no matter what your age is.  If you can move then do it.
  2. Being around people, even if no words are spoken, is good for your mental health and can bring you joy.
  3. Always look your best.
  4. Take care of each other.
  5. Always enjoy the little things as a couple
  6. Quality time isn’t measured by its location
  7. Take time to people watch.  It is interesting to watch people move about.
  8. Love is timeless and if it is true it is the most fulfilling thing in world.

Have a good Monday!


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