What’s Happening Wednesday: ‘Tis the Season

I listen to Christmas music all year long. I have three separate Pandora stations under the “Holiday” genre. I don’t need to wait for the right season to get in the holiday spirit.

That being said, even I have noticed the chill in the air, and the pumpkin-spiced everything on the grocery shelves. Autumn has arrived, literally changing the colors of our world. And just as we are getting used her cinnamon and clove scented perfume, she slips away, leaving us cold.

Winter announces her arrival with a slap to our faces and then attempts to comfort us with her chilly,but familiar blanket of snow.

We await spring’s arrival with tiptoe anticipation. She showers us with kisses.While we spend most of winter covered up, the first sign of springs allows us all to shed a few layers.

Summer slinks in quiet and steamy but is welcomed with open arms. And then it starts all over.

To everything their is a season…

So it is with life.

Whatever season you are in,I pray that you are enjoying it. Too much of our lives is spent relishing in memories of seasons past, and preparing for whatever season is next.

In doing those things it easy to neglect the beauty of your current season. We are all guilty of this: whether single and sassy, or happily married, whether we are chasing down toddlers or staring at an empty nest for the first time.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your first day on the job, or if your retirement luncheon is scheduled for tomorrow.

What you have done and what you plan to do ought not overshadow what you are doing right now.

This is the season! Enjoy it.

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