Mellow Mondays: My Top 10 Songs from Yesteryear

So last night the new fall line of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc came off.  Now you know a probate show is live for three reasons:  the new members, the crowd and the music.  Well one of the old heads or “seasoned” as one of my friends calls us went to the DJ and asked for a specific song to be played.  Perfect song because the crowd was super hype.

That song took me back to my college days and I have to give my top 10 songs from yesteryear (some crunk / some smooth R&B):

  1. Never Scared by Bone Crusher
  2. Knuck if You Buck by Crime Mob featuring Lil’ Scappy
  3. Take It To Da House by Trick Daddy
  4. Beauty by Dru Hill
  5. Head of Household by Jagged Edge
  6. Lights, Camera, Action by Mr. Cheeks
  7. Hot In Herre by Nelly
  8. So Gone by Monica
  9. Baby Boy by Beyonce
  10. I Think They Like Me by Dem Franchize BoyZ

Okay…I really have more I can add.  This doesn’t cover my Spotify playlist at all…. but until next time.

Happy Monday!


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